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Royal Jelly BIO

Pot of 25gr + spoon

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Royal jelly is a nectar secreted naturally by worker bees. It is the exclusive food of the queen allowing him to live 4 to 5 years against only 45 days for a worker.

The pot is stored cold, upon receipt it must be placed in the refrigerator to maintain all its principles and benefits.


It is a powerful conditioner that brings to our body a series of directly assimilable and indispensable elements.

Several categories of benefits of royal jelly are noted by doctors could be compared to a drug as its benefits are fast and effective.

Royal jelly acts on the morale with euphoric effects, a decrease of the stress and a fight against the depressive state.
It strengthens the defenses of the body and thus prevents winter diseases.
It speeds up recovery due to physical or nervous fatigue.
It improves physical and intellectual performance.
It is thus recommended for example for the sportsmen or the students in full competition.
Royal jelly is known to increase the resistance to cold.

Nutritional, in addition to its essential nutrient composition, it slows the effects of aging skin, hair and nails.

It contains mainly directly assimilable amino acids.
Its benefits also include vitamins of group B (B3, B5, B8, B9), it is particularly the natural food rich in vitamins B5.

Royal jelly also has a great diversity of minerals (copper, phosphorus, iron ...).

Finally, royal jelly is particularly rich in trace elements, including acetylcholine, an antibacterial and antibiotic

Royal jelly acts as a real general stimulant to the body, especially for immune defenses.

She is also a producer of energy, both mental and physical. It helps to fight against fatigue for example.

It also fills the deficiencies of the organism, regulates the problems of metabolism, revitalizes the physiological functions.

Action against aging of the skin, especially on wrinkles. It helps fight eczema and treats dry skin.

Action of strengthening the nails and the hair.

Helps fight acne.

Usage tips

Take 1 measuring spoon of royal jelly (about 1g) every morning on an empty stomach, let melt under the tongue.

For children (from 3 years old), reduce the dose by half.
Keep cool and protected from light.

Our goal is to sell a high quality Royal Jelly.

Product composition

100% Gelée Royale 

Origin of the product

hors U.E





The benefits of the product

100% royal jelly Made in France
Real general stimulant of the body
Ideal for a cure of one month

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