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Honey Jujube / sidr of Morocco - 320gr COLLECTOR

pot luxe de 320gr

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Product presentation

Honey jujube / sidr of Morocco - Collector's Edition 320gr pot Luxe
Enjoy and taste one of the best honeys in the world in a sumptuous and luxurious original glass case with its integrated wooden spoon!

The Jujube honey (or Sidr) from Morocco is not as rare and famous as Yemen's jujube honey, but it remains a honey of good quality, known, renowned, with a taste and a very pleasant texture in the mouth .

Jujube honey is known for both its taste and its therapeutic virtues.

It is known to be very powerful and is used in the treatment of a large number of health problems.


A true wellness product with a delicate and aromatic flavor, this honey brings many benefits, it is ideal for your little cares, it will also accompany your sandwiches during breakfast, your culinary creations salty or sweet and your drinks cool or hot to sweeten everything gently.

Honey is an all natural product harvested by bees through the nectar of flowers. This product is a concentrate of nutrients essential for balance.

Pure honey can be kept at room temperature and it should not be put in the refrigerator (honey picks up all the moisture and if its humidity increases too much, it ferments). When it is started, just close the pot tightly.


More generally, honey is composed of:

38% fructose
32% glucose
17% water
7% maltose
Other: 3.5% (vitamins, trace elements, flavonoids, enzymes, pigments ...)
1.5% of various sugars
1% sucrose

This composition allows him to have amazing benefits.

Honey is better than white sugar: it has a higher sweetening power with fewer calories!
Honey is ideal for the respiratory tract: nothing to help calm coughs and sore throats
Benefits for the body, the stomach, the immune system uncountable ...
Did you know ?

Honey is also increasingly used in hospitals for the care of wounds and burns.

In local application for:
the cuts
the acne

The benefits of the product

Taste and excellent texture
Honey is 100% pure
Treatment of a large number of health problems
Luxury pot

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